Our Promises


Fair Trade

Because the world is not fair. Especially for those who work long hours for little reward. All of our products are Fairtrade certified to show our support to the incredible people producing our raw ingredients. Whether it’s our olive oil producers in Palestine or sugar producers in Paraguay we want to promote their sustainable farming practices and encourage others to do so too.


Good for your skin and better for the planet. We use as many USDA certified organic ingredients in our products that are available to us. Supporting organic agriculture keeps unnecessary chemicals off our crops and out of our soil. Your skin will appreciate it too. Check out our ingredient listings to see all of the organic goodness in our products!

No Harsh Chemicals

No parabens. No SLS. No phenoxyethanol. No sulphates….we could go on but you have to trust us here. We use the minimum amount of processed ingredients to make our products work. This includes an Ecocert certified emulsifier and preservative for our lotions. See our product pages for specific ingredient listings.


We feel strongly about creating a sustainable business. Whether it’s using biodegradable ingredients, 100% recycled paper or supporting organic agriculture we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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No Animal Testing

We never test our products on animals or purchase ingredients from suppliers who test on animals. We only test our products on human volunteers, all of which are happy to oblige!


That’s right. You’re the reason we’re here. And if you’re not happy we’re not doing our job. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for improvements we would love to hear them. Tell us your thoughts.